Competition Department

The Competition Department establishes the policy framework and guidelines in the implementation of the Competition Act. The department works in close partnership with other departments in ensuring that GCCPC makes an impact on the Gambian economy, helps businesses and consumers benefit from the Competition Act, contributes meaningfully to regional and global competition communities, and prepares itself for future challenges and opportunities. The department also undertakes economic analysis, market studies, and investigates and evaluates the economic merits of competition cases.

Enforcement Department

The EC Division provides the GCCPC with the legal and enforcement expertise necessary for the GCCPC to fulfill its mission of championing competition for growth and choice. The EC Division takes the lead in enforcement action and applies legal analysis in all investigations and notifications under the Competition Act. The department also undertakes critical review of the Competition Act, subsidiary legislation and the GCCPC guidelines. It performs in-house legal advisory work required in the execution of GCCPC functions and represents GCCPC in court and appeal proceedings.


Consumer Protection Department

The Consumer Protection Department investigate violations of the Consumer Protection Act. They receive and process consumer complaints, and work with the consumer protection tribunal to ensure that cases brought to the secretariat are advanced for hearing and possible redress. The department also undertakes advocacy and conducts awareness campaigns to sensitize stakeholders on the Consumer Protection Act.


Finance and Admin Department

The Finance and Admin Department has two sub departments, namely: Human Resource, and IT. The department strives to make the GCCPC a great workplace by developing employees’ capabilities, engaging them, and providing a positive experience through effective and efficient services.