1. Commission shall encourage enterprises and consumers to bring alleged anti-competitive practices to the attention of the Executive Secretary with as much detail relevant to the complaint as is possible.
  2. The Commission shall acknowledge, in writing, receipt of complaints submitted to it, and take into account anonymous complaints to the extent that they are corroborated by other information.
  3. The Executive Secretary shall –
  • reject unsubstantiated complaints and provide an explanation to complainants when subject matter of a substantiated complainant falls outside the scope of the Competition Act, 2007;
  • seek a decision from the Commission when a substantiated complaint is received but there is a doubt as to whether the matter falls within the scope of the Act.
  1. Where applicable, the explanation of the Executive Secretary and the decision on admissibility by the Commission shall be published.
  2. A complainant may request  the Commission-
  • to treat as confidential the information he/she provides;
  • not to reveal his/her identity to the enterprise about which the complaint is made.

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Consumer Protection

  1. Complainant can complain to the Commission through the Consumer Protection Officers attached either to the Tribunal or the Commission by filing the relevant form
  2. The complainant shall pay the filing fee, the amount of which depends on the magnitude/ value of the complainant’s claim.
  3. The Consumer Protection Directorate shall assess the complaint to determine whether it raises consumer protection issues or not.
  4. If it raises consumer protection issues, the Directorate shall determine whether it can be resolved through ADR or not or whether it could be refereed to any other agency(PURA, FSQA, Weight and Measure etc)
  5. If it does not raise consumer protection issues, the complainant should be referred to a forum where his/her case could be dealt with.
  6. In the event that the complaint raises consumer protection issues, and the Directorate is of the view that it cannot be dealt with by other agencies, it writes to the person against whom the complaint is made to come to the Commission in order to resolve the matter through ADR.
  7. If the ADR leads to no resolution or settlement of the case, the Consumer Protection Directorate forwards the case to the Consumer Protection Tribunal.
  8.   The Tribunal shall not hear a case unless it is vetted   and  forwarded by the Consumer Protection Directorate of the Commission.

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Essential Commodities

  1. The general public is urged to complain to either the Commission or Ministry of Trade if they see or have the suspicion that businesses are hording essential commodities ( rice, sugar, flour, edible oil, milk, tomato paste, onions, potatoes, whole chicken and chicken parts) or importers, distributors and major retailers are involved in essential commodities business without being issued with Licence by the Minister responsible for Trade.