World Consumer Rights Day, 2018

The Gambia joined the rest of the world in commemorating world Consumer Rights Day, March 15, 2018. The day is dedicated to raising global awareness about consumer rights and needs.

The theme of this year’s celebrations is “Making Digital Marketplaces Fairer.” According to Consumers International (CI), the 2018 campaign will aim to promote digital marketplaces that are more accessible, safer and fairer for consumers across the globe.

The GCCPC aired a thirty minutes program on the country’s only national television, The Gambia Radio and Television Services (GRTS). The program featured interviews from the following officials:

Fatima Sonko- Director, Consumer Protection GCCPC

Justin Macmullan- Advocacy Director, CI

John Kamau Daina- Senior Analyst, Competition Authority of Kenya

The program also featured relevant sessions from the recently concluded 9th Annual African Consumer Protection Dialogue Conference held in The Gambia from the 6th-9th March 2018 under the theme: “Protecting Every Consumer in the Digital Age.”

In addition, the GCCPC held a one hour radio show on one of the leading radio stations in the country, West Coast Radio. The panelists discussed the theme, ecommerce in the Gambia, consumer protection issues rising from the growth and the role of sector regulators in finding means of responding to changing times.

Consumers were able to phone-in during the show to ask questions, raise concern and/or contribute to the program.

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