The Competition Act 2007 

In 2007, the Competition Act was passed by the National Assembly and assented to by the President to promote competition in the supply of goods and services by establishing a Commission. The commission is responsible for prohibiting collusive agreements, bid rigging, monopoly and merger situations, in addition to investigating and controlling all forms of restrictive agreements, and promoting the understanding of the general public on the benefits of competition and related matters.


What is its purpose? 

The primary purpose of the Act is to regulate the continuation of anti-competitive agreements and behaviors that are unlikely to be beneficial to anyone, other than the parties involved.


The Competition Act 2007, aims to safeguard the process of competition between enterprises operating in The Gambia in markets open to competition. It also ensures that businesses do not frustrate competition by putting up private barriers to the operation of markets, thus, denying consumers benefits in terms of price, quality, and variety that freely-functioning markets should provide.


The Act provides for the establishment of a Competition Commission, an independent body with a mandate to administer and enforce the Act.



The Consumer Protection Bill 2014, was passed into law by the National Assembly in April 2014, and assented to by the President to protect consumers from unfair and misleading market conducts. The Act is cited as The Gambia Consumer Protection Act, 2014.



The Act ensures that consumer protection rights are guaranteed, and encourages fair trade, which is aimed at discouraging businesses from fraudulent acts. The Act allows consumers to lodge complaints through the Commission or the Consumer Protection Tribunal. It also provides remedy in the event of a breach of consumer rights.



This Act was passed into law in 2015, to jointly regulate in the interest of the general public, the importation, distribution and retailing of essential commodities in The Gambia, and ensuring their availability at fair and reasonable prices.



This Act ensures that all importers, distributors and retailers in essential commodities acquire the essential commodities license in order to trade. The goal is to ensure that essential commodities are available at fair and reasonable prices for the affordability of Gambians.


How can I get further information about the ACT? 

The full Act is available in our Download section, or you can write for advice (email us) via our Contact Us page.