The Leniency Programme offers those who are part of a cartel, a chance to avoid penalties by providing the GCCPC with evidence of cartel conduct.

The Gambia Competition Act provides for fines for each year of infringement and has sections that deal with collusive agreements and cartels.

Therefore, if you are part of a cartel, and wish to minimize liability, you should make a leniency application to the GCCPC as soon as possible.

If you are first to apply for leniency, you may be eligible for either total immunity from or a reduction in financial penalty of up to 100%, depending on whether investigations have already commenced at the time that you come forward.

How do I apply for Leniency ?

In order for an enterprise to benefit from the Leniency Programme, in addition to being first to apply for Leniency, an enterprise must:

i. provide the GCCPC with all the information, documents and evidence available to it regarding the cartel activity, as required by the GCCPC;

ii. maintain continuous and complete co-operation throughout the investigation and until the conclusion of any action by the GCCPC as a result of the investigation;

iii. refrain from further participation in the cartel activity from the time of disclosure of the cartel activity to the GCCPC (except as may be directed by the GCCPC);

iv. not have initiated the cartel, or taken steps to coerce other enterprises into participating in the cartel.

Applications can be made orally or in writing. To make a Leniency Application to the GCCPC in writing, you can email us, indicating ‘Leniency Application‘ in the subject heading, at

Alternatively, you can send the application to us at our address

Gambia Competition and Consumer Protection Commission
36 Koto East
off Bertil Harding Highway
The Gambia

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