The Commission is a statutory authority under the purview of the Ministry of Trade and Industry composed of five Commissioners appointed by the President, and headed by a Chairperson. Its functions are, among other things: 

  • To inquire into suspected breaches of the prohibition of restrictive agreements falling within the provisions of sections 25 and 26 of the Act; 
  • To undertake investigation of a matter falling within the provisions of section 29 to 32 of the Act; 
  • To authorize the collection of information needed for assessment of cases; 
  • To conduct hearings with interested persons or parties; 
  • To determine and impose penalties or appropriate remedies, 
  • to ensure businesses comply with prohibited restrictive practices, and monitor compliance; 
  • To advocate for competition in The Gambia; 
  • To conduct studies on the effectiveness of competition in sectors of the Gambian economy; 
  • Advising on any public-sector action which may affect competition adversely.